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What Were We Thinking?

Updated: May 12, 2020

You see us below, that's us in Iceland... We took a three week road trip around the island, we hiked, rode Icelandic Horses, visited multiple hot springs and were immersed in the Icelandic way of living. Crazy enough though there were so many times I wondered what we were missing on this grand adventure. What waterfall did we drive by and not see, what glorious sunset was missed, how could we possibly fit everything we wanted to see in 3 weeks? We couldn't.

We also had a lot of one on one family time, time to discuss something we'd been pondering for a long time, taking some time off from work and traveling the U.S., just us three and our two furry friends, Bob and Trouble.

More to come....

#thewanderingleals #iceland #travel #adventureisafamilyvalue


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