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What! You are going to do what? What are you thinking……

Updated: May 12, 2020

Boy, have I heard this a lot over the last 4 months since we announced this CRAZY idea of going 1 year in a travel trailer across the country. Trust me, in the beginning, 2-3 years ago when I kept asking Jen and Lila what we wanted our BIG goal to be I never thought this would have came out of their mouths. Heck, I never even thought we would own a trailer. But as many of you may know when an idea gets in my head, I tend to think about it A LOT! (Ken says I can’t blame this on him but Ken, Steve, and Dennis were strong proponents for me to get a trailer…misery loves company, right!)

Fast forward to the last couple days and boy there have been a few times of me thinking what was I thinking! But I am sure once we get past the mad, crazy dash of emptying our house out without trying to throw anything in the dumpsters (almost did it…I cracked today…thank goodness the garbage guy showed up when he did), trying to get a renter in that doesn’t want us to re-paint the house we just pretty much re-painted in the last 2 months and getting these darn cats to know when to hold it, we will enjoy the trip and find many great adventures.

Little recap so far -

Technically, August 13 was the official launch date but we tried to get out yesterday.

- After a successful weekend of RV’ing at the mill so we could enjoy our time with great friends after the 5k and golf tournament that I coordinated for the company, we moved the trailer out of the way of business on Sunday night, slept there for the night and woke up to the whistle. (I have had a few of those nights in Molalla)

- After talking with some co-workers about the trip, we thought we were ready to head up to the parents house for breakfast then go home, pack and leave.

- Jen and Lila Lu got their cats (did I for get to mention that…ugh! 2 cats are going on this trip too) into the truck for the journey and as I was telling my mom we will be there in 5 minutes, Lila Lu yells from the back “I think Bob (21 lb cat) just went to the bathroom in his carrier (not waterproof)” WOW!

- 20 minutes later after a bath for the cat on the side of the road we arrived for breakfast

- After breakfast and lots of hugs and crying (mom), we got back on the road and (Doh!) we had to go back to the mill to get something.

- While trying to hide the trailer behind a truck so Sam wouldn’t see us come back, Jen comes out to say “We HAVE a problem!” :( Not just one cat but both cats crawled under the kitchen sink, over the furnace, then under the refrigerator….not accessible without removing the converter....unfortunately (depends on your personal opinion) Sam (he got a good laugh in on this and that we were back) or I didn’t have the right tool in trailer so cats road home in there.

- Once we made it home our goal was (I don’t know what we were thinking!) to make it out by 1pm because a potential renter was coming. Unsuccessful… and to top it off as we were heading out at 12:45am to take Jen’s moms wedding ring to the safety deposit box, Jen realized she couldn’t find the box they were in. Holy cow! We spent the next 7.5 hours looking all over the place for these 2 jewelry boxes that Jen swears she had in her hand on Friday but couldn’t remember the LOGICAL place that she put them. We even had to drive to Camas to go through quite a few moving boxes. Finally, at 7:45pm, I found them in her computer bag in the trailer and she says “I thought about looking in there but why would I put them in there”

- Low and behold, we didn’t even get out of our driveway last night. Oh and Lila missed all the chaos because she went for a sleep over.

- Thankfully, some great neighbors came over with a couple beers then we got back to work on the trailer and house until midnight.

Today was a brand new day and we hit the ground running

- I finished the work/work I was supposed to get done yesterday and Jen cleared the house while I got the trailer in order, filled the truck up with fuel and picked ups the last errands.

- Garbage man came and we loaded him up. (Sorry Jeff, it wasn’t that bad though)

- After taking some pictures, we got on the road. I had a great idea this time to keep the cats in the trailer where their food and cat litter is located.

- Boy was I wrong! When we got to Molalla to drop off some things, Jen checked on the boys and this time Bob PEED on our bed. UGH!!! This cats days are numbered if he keeps this up. Trouble (the other cat) has been an angel compared to Bob. He rode the whole 3 hours without a problem. Bob (aka stinky) got locked in the bathroom with food and cat litter. (Oh did I forget to mention that the cat litter is in our shower)

And after the 3+ hour road trip, we arrived at our first night in Sisters, OR. Hopefully, this cat figures it out or one of us may be coming home early, but it most likely won’t be me.

Thanks for following us and I hope we can keep you entertained while we are on this journey.

As Ken said, if we keep this up, he is going to have abs of steel.

Forgive any misspellings, I am very new to this writing a blog thing.

Good night!


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