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Valley of Death - Book Review

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Valley of Death by Gloria Skrzynski and Alane Ferguson

Back when we were at Zion, I was perusing the gift shop and I came across a book called Valley of Death, a mystery in Death Valley National Park. I chose this book because I really want to go to Death Valley National Park on our trip. the book is about a girl named Leesa who was taken in by the Landon Family as a foster kid because her father had made some bad decision.

Leesa’s family, not including her mother, were part of a group called The Unit that dislikes the government. Leesa has acted very shy when she first came to the Landon’s. Leesa really wanted to go and stay with her mother.

The reason that the Landon’s and Leesa are at Death Valley National Park is because the mother of the two Landon kids is an animal vet and she helps out at national parks. She was there to help save the Bighorn Sheep. All the Bighorn Sheep are mysteriously dying off.

If you are into mystery books or just want a good read, I would recommend this book.


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