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How Far We've Come and Where Are We Going to Stay Over the Next 14 Days…

Updated: May 15, 2020

Well, it has been 43 days since we left Vancouver and headed out on the road. Here is a chart of our road miles and elevation so far.

Route, distance and elevation change while driving with trailer

So far, all our stays have been pre-booked prior to leaving home other than a few changes in Boise so we could make sure we had air conditioning for the 100°+ days. I am getting a little nervous come Sept. 27th when we don’t have any place booked and we are going to try this whole boondocking idea for a longer period of time. We have figured out that we are not really RV park-type people. All the places we have stayed at packs the RV’s in very close. Some were within 8’ while a couple had maybe 12-15’.

This was one of the last places we stayed.

Here at Ridgway we look out our window and barely see any other campers.

This is the view out our table window at sunset. Much better!

We shall see how it goes. There are plenty of sites and app’s that we have found to help locate a spot such as Campendium, Allstays, and Ultimate Campgrounds plus we have our memberships with Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome.

We have used Harvest Host quite a few times since we started RV’ing a couple years ago. We started when they were still pretty young and the lifetime membership was $300 or yearly was around $30. As they grew, so did their rates, so now they are $79/year and before they changed it we had an option to go to the lifetime plan for $300, so we did. So how it works is you can stay at any of their locations for one night only and you just have to purchase something from the host. Here is the good part (for us at least), most of their hosts are wineries, breweries, museums, and farms. How hard can that be, right? Buy a bottle of wine or some fresh fruit and you get one night of camping on their land. We did a trip up to Wenatchee, WA and stayed at 2-3 wineries along the way and when they closed the gates at night, it was just us and the fields. One place even had an outdoor patio that they said we could use for our dinner.

This was in the hills of Yakima, WA

I still think the $79 is worth it if you enjoy staying at any of these types of locations and now they joined with another company to offer golf courses as well for $119/year. I am for sure going to try that out on our trip soon. I better, I have been hauling these golf clubs around for 43 days now. So if you are interested, follow this link and you will get 15% off and we will get $15 (It will help pay for our next bottle bottle of wine or round of golf at our Harvest Host 😉)

Boondockers Welcome is a new one that we still haven’t tried yet, but have it in the plans in the next month or two. Basically, it is like Airbnb for RV’s. Once an RV’er signs up for their site ($30/yr or $75/3yrs) they ask if you want to host an RV on your property (not required). We obviously are not hosting anyone right now, but may in the future. So there are tons of people out there that RV and have some space at their house that would accommodate an RV and they offer that to people for 1-5 days. They can have rules like no pets, slide-outs, generators, etc… and they can state what length vehicles they can handle. Once you find where you want to go, you look for a host that fits your size and all then read the reviews and ask if you can stay. If you just stay for a night or so and don’t use any facilities, then you can just leave, but if you use their water or electricity you should compensate them. I will update you once we try it out. If you are interested in signing up, use this link. (It doesn’t cost you any more and we will get 10% commission. More money to pay for our bottle of wine again😉 Woohoo!)

We have 14 days to wander around before we get to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival. 🎈

Let’s see what we find…


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