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Happy Birthday to Me

Updated: May 15, 2020

Oh my gosh, there are gold dots hanging from my door.

It’s my birthday!

After my parents woke up, I opened my presents. I got a Unicorn coloring book and a book called “Calling All Witches” from the Harry Potter series. One of the big things I wanted for my birthday was to have a “no drive” day.

Later, we dropped the truck off at the car dealership because Big Red needed a checkup. We walked around town and stopped at a bookstore and purchased two books about Anne of Green Gables. Surprisingly enough, I’ve watched a few TV shows about Anne of Green Gables, the TV show is called “Anne with an E” on Netflix. After we picked up the truck, we got ice cream at the Moab Diner for my birthday. Dad and I recently started watching the Marvel movie series and while Mom was making dinner, we watched Thor the Dark World. Mom was making one of my favorite meals which is a meatball and jasmine rice concoction from Blue Apron. Side note, mom didn’t really follow the ingredient list, but it still tasted amazing.

After dinner we called Aunt Lisa and Jace and talked for a while. My parents, Aunt Lisa, and Jace all then sang happy birthday to me with a sweet mango mochi with a candle in it. The mochi wasn’t as good as the ones from Whole Foods.

Later, Dad and I went swimming. When we got back home, we watched another Marvel movie called Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

For my birthday, we took the gold dot streamers that were hanging from my “door” and hung them on my bunk wall. In between the dots, we hung up some polaroid pictures I took at home. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be swapping some of those out for ones I take on my grand adventure, but not all.

In the end, my birthday was pretty awesome including dinner and the movies, even better, we didn’t have to be on the road for my birthday.


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