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Updated: May 14, 2020

Sorry I haven’t blogged since we left home, but my dad has been pretty busy telling most of our stories. So I am going to start here…

We boondocked for the first time about 2 hours away from Boise, near the town of Juntura, Oregon. My Mom and I went on a walk while my Dad set up the trailer for us. While on the walk, I kept thinking that I was going to get bit by a snake because it looked like snake territory there. Late that night we were sitting at the dining table playing a card game when my dad looked up and saw 50,000 bugs swarming around the lights. We tried to ignore them, but you could barely breathe because it felt like the bugs were going to fly up your nose. So we turned off all the lights and went to bed because they were attracted to the lights.

The next morning we drove over to Boise and Bob did not poop in the truck. One point for us! When we got to my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Eric’s house, their daughter, Lexi, and I took our bikes to the Chevron for ice cream. Once we got on our bikes, we hit this really big hill that was super fun to ride down, but it was miserable to ride back up. It was well worth the effort for the ice cream though.

After that Lexi, Lexi’s twin brother, Henry, and I went to swim at their neighbors house. The pool was cold when we first got in but we eventually warmed up. It was pretty cool because it had a diving board on one end and a slider on the other. It was really fun to jump off the diving board into a floaty. After the pool, we got and played outside for a little bit then we ate dinner. The meal at Uncle Eric’s was way better than some of the meals at our house because a lot of times the meals at our house is just what we can find in the house.

The next day we went to a EO (Entrepueners Organization) meeting where the kids did a scavenger hunt to see what they can find in nature. Then they had to build something out of what they found and some other materials provided.

Lexi and I created a nature umbrella.

After that everyone was invited to go on a float trip down the Boise River. Lexi rode with us in our raft. Near the end of the float trip Lexi and I got out of the raft and floated in the river.

Lexi and I on the rafting trip


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