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Does She Really Listen…

Updated: May 12, 2020

I have mentioned to Jen many times along this trip planning session that even thought I know they really LOVE their cats it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to worry about them in the trailer with all the Boondocking and hiking Jen wants us to do. Did I mention Jen threw out there that we should hike 10 miles every day before we can do anything else.

What the….?

Definitions and Back story -

Boondocking according to me is where I/we look on google maps and OnxHunt to find a location near where Jen wants to stop (because the cats can’t travel that long, obviously not Bob aka Stinky) that is BLM land then we hopefully find a place where we can fill the 60 gallon fresh water tank and we park the trailer with no hookups (electricity, water, or sewer) So we turn into those crazy off-the-grid people :) but with 2 cats and no air conditioning in a tin box and no sun cover.

BLM - (Government land - Bureau of Land Management). According to everything I have read, you can stay at a location on BLM land for FREE (not according to my tax bill) and for 14 days without having to move.

OnxHunt - If you are a hunter, it seems they all know about this app. Very cool map app that tells you who owns every square inch of land in the US and lets you save offline the sections that you need when you have no cell coverage. I am sure there are many other features but I have only been using it a short time. Thanks to Rob D. for the recommendation and coupon code for it!

Back to the story -

Jen had spent lots of time perusing Instagram over the last couple years where all these people post these amazing pictures of their trailer set up out in the beautiful countryside with NO ONE around. Jen envisions us being out there by ourselves becoming one with our inner-selves and Mother Nature and hiking 10 miles every day. Huh….!!

I think they needed to pan around to show the 30 other trailers sitting right next to them. Granted, I think it is a great idea to save some money, but let’s try not to do it in the desert sun when it is 95°F out (35° C for my Canadian family out there).

So this morning as we were looking at the calendar and trying to figure out the next 2 weeks, I looked up the weather for the location Jen wants to boondocks in and it said 96°F and her exact words out of her mouth were “Oh my gosh, THEY (the cats - Bob and Trouble) might die!” WOW! I rest my case….she really doesn’t listen to me.

Recap so far -

Side note: I just read the home page on the blog and Jen wrote under the title “Living Simply”. Hmm…. 2 cats, 2 females, 1 male in a 24’ box….interesting…I may have to edit that…. Any suggestions?

Did you see in my last post about Bob the cat (Stinky) peeing on our bed?

So apparently we/I didn’t think about how cold the high desert in Oregon gets but when you have no comforter or bedding on your bed except for a tiny blanket that barely covers your body, it gets really freakin’ cold at night. Thanks Bob!

Lila learned that taking responsibility for HER cats and staying at the laundromat is really not that fun especially when there is a splash park just down the street. She said “I thought you told me to alway just be a kid and have fun”. Hmmm…can’t wait for teen years!

Last but definitely not least, our great neighbor, Nick, from the last post stopped by and had dinner with us. Normally, he cooks us food all the time but this time Jen made dinner (Burritos with tomatoes from our garden). After dinner, he took us to one of his favorite secret spots in Oregon…Mackenzie Pass. Very cool! The drive was nice and the views were amazing. We will have to go back tomorrow when we have more daylight.

Cost so far -

Diesel - $66.00 when we filled up on Tuesday

Stinky - $4.50, $4.00, and $2.00 for laundry loads plus drying of $4.50 + 2 trips in truck to laundromat to clean pee soaked bedding. Ugh!

Trouble - $0 (Angel cat so far - he even road in the truck the whole time and not a peep or pee)

Beer for me and Nick - $11.59 (Still have 3 left - cheap date)

Good night!

Guess, what is behind us in this picture? Not 30 trailers but 1 trailer(unoccupied) and a road. But as Lila says and I might agree, I could live here.

Built in 1927


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