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The Wandering Leals

Naturally Curious Travel

Native Plants of the Desert

As a Pacific Northwest native, I never really thought about what it would be like to live in another environment other than amid maple,...

Salida and Great Sand Dunes N.P.

We left Ridgway State Park in Colorado and are headed to our first Boondockers Welcome host near the town of Salida, Colorado. The drive...

One Month In

It’s official, we’ve been gone a solid month as of today. Steve has done an outstanding job of keeping everyone updated on what happens...

Who Knew....

Who knew we had so much “stuff” and as Steve would say, “who knew Jen and Lila had so much stuff", and he’s right. Honestly, I knew we...

What Were We Thinking?

You see us below, that's us in Iceland... We took a three week road trip around the island, we hiked, rode Icelandic Horses, visited...

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